Practicum: Social work education in practice

The practicum or field education component is a core part of the MSW experience. The practicum provides students the opportunity to engage in supervised practice consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of the MSW Program. The experience fosters the integration of empirical and practice-based knowledge, promotes development of professional competence, and provides opportunities for students to identify with the purpose, values, and ethics of the profession.

MSW students dedicate 900 hours to practicum over two academic years. This averages 15 hours/week during the academic year. Most students change their practicum site between their first and second year. Proactive planning ensures students get the most out of their field experience. The details of this process are also outlined in the Practicum Manual. Students can bring any questions or concerns to the Director of Field Education (Kat Werner).

Voices from the Field: Reflections of students, alumni and supervisors