Outstanding Field Supervisors

The UM School of Social Work recognizes the importance of the field supervisor’s role in preparing social workers. These Agency Field Instructors provide the hands-on support, mentorship, and teaching necessary for student's professional growth and readiness to practice as a social worker.
Each year the school recognizes both a BSW and MSW Outstanding Agency Field Instructor. Students nominate indviduals based on the following criteria:
  • Provides exceptional mentorship of practicum students
  • Models professional social work behavior in practice and in supervision
  • Devoted to teaching and demonstrates ongoing professional development
  • Dedicated to and proud of being a social worker
  • Demonstrates critical, independent thinking and encourages students to develop these skills
A faculty committee then selects one of the BSW and MSW-nominated supervisors to honor each year.

2021 Honorees

2019 Honorees

2018 Honorees

2017 Honorees

2016 Honorees