Mission and Goals

UM School of Social Work Mission Statement

The mission of the UM School of Social Work at The University of Montana is to effectively engage in activities integral to preparing skilled baccalaureate and master’s level social work practitioners, while promoting more just and humane social structures and outcomes within Montana, the United States, and internationally.

MSW Program – Mission Statement

The Master of Social Work program prepares social workers who, guided by a person-in-environment perspective, will promote and support the profession’s historic commitment to social and economic justice and equality through direct practice activities and community-based efforts reflecting the needs and dignity of all people. The program educates students to become competent, ethical, and collaborative practitioners, community leaders, and researchers who appreciate diversity, use critical thinking skills, and understand rural and global contexts. Graduates will embrace advances in knowledge and practice promoting the rights and well-being of people and creating a more humane society.

The goals of the University of Montana MSW program are to prepare advanced integrated social work practitioners who:

  1. Integrate direct-level practice with community and social change practice.
  2. Utilize knowledge, skills, values, ethics, and critical thinking necessary for effective social work practice in dynamic rural and global contexts.
  3. Address historical, political, cultural, and economic forces shaping diverse life experiences and contexts of practice.
  4. Build relationships with service users, service providers, and other community stakeholders that reflect core social work values and foster empowering change.
  5. Apply relevant theoretical frameworks and collaborative modes of practice to plan, implement, and evaluate processes of change at multiple levels.
  6. Promote innovative practice that respects difference and responds to emergent social conditions and human needs and rights.
  7. Assume leadership positions in the profession, public and non-governmental human service organizations, and community action and social policy-making arenas in the state of Montana and beyond.
  8. Promote democratic participation, human rights and social and economic justice through collaboration with policy makers, service providers, community members and those affected by inequitable social conditions.
  9. Promote scholarly inquiry, best practices, professional development, and lifelong learning to advance social work knowledge and practice.