Welcome to the Gerontology Minor

The University of Montana offers an Interdisciplinary Gerontology Minor that prepares students from any discipline to work in the field of gerontology. This minor was developed in response to dramatic demographic shifts in the population, resulting in increasing numbers of older adults nationwide and globally. These changes will require that professionals in all fields be prepared to work with older adults and their families.

Students considering a Gerontology Minor should know that:

  • The number of older adults nationwide is increasing dramatically.
  • The life expectancy of older adults is also increasing.
  • Older adults and their families will need services from professionals in the areas of medicine, nursing, social work, physical therapy, pharmacy, psychology, occupational therapy, and theology.
  • Older adults and their families will benefit from the services of professionals in the fields of business, accounting, marketing, political science, and health promotion.
  • Health disparities still exist in terms of ethnic, racial and disadvantaged populations.
  • Increasing numbers of retired-aged persons wish to continue working part time or volunteer in meaningful activities.
  • Baby boomers are looking for innovative ways to deal with the challenges and the opportunities of aging.

Each of these illustrates the need for university graduates to learn about the normal aging process, the health and social challenges associated with aging, the health and social services systems, and the social policies impacting older adults and their families.

If you are considering this minor, you can contact me or the Gerontology Minor Advisor in your department at the University of Montana. The minor is housed in the College of Health andis a free-standing minor for students in any discipline.

We hope you will join us in this important, fulfilling work.

Gerontology Minor Coordinator
Gayle Hudgins, Pharm. D., BCGP

319 Skaggs
32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812