Practicum Students

Practicums, also known as field-based learning, are supervised learning environments designed to provide students practical experiences learning.  These experiences work through delivering learning by doing.  Students in practicum engage with real-life clients within the workplace.  Practicums allow students to apply their theoretical and classroom learning into professional practice.

Center Practicum Experiences

Practicums at the University of Montana and Missoula College are primarily offered through the UM School of Social Work, the School of Public and Community Health Sciences, and the Davidson Honors College.

Recently we expanded our practicum program for students in social science and human development programs at Montana State University and MSU-Billings.

The Center is a dynamic work environment, and the practicum projects change and adapt as needs grow and change. For the 2019-2020 school year, the current projects include:

  • Zero Suicide
  • PAX Good Behavior Game
  • Center for Rural Mental Health
  • Family First Prevention Services Act
  • Montana Data Dashboard
  • Revenue Maximization
  • E-Learning Development
  • Zero to Five

As much as possible, Center staff work with students to place them in projects that further their learning goals and match their passions. Many Center practicum students develop a strong interest in their projects. In these cases, there are often opportunities for internships and credit through independent study. Internships and independent study must be worked out with your advisor and the academic unit at your university. 

 To learn more about practicum experiences at any of the member universities, contact us


Practicum Details

Practicum students at the Center work directly with project supervisors. Supervisors will help you develop a scope of work and a schedule that works for you.

Schedules: Practicum positions at the Center range from 8 to 19 hours per week during the fall and spring academic semesters; university policy prohibits employment over 19 hours per week at those times. In the summer, students can work up to full time. Your schedule at the Center is set based on your class schedule and other commitments.

Center offices are open Monday through Friday. Practicum students rarely have job duties in the evening or on weekends.

Work Sites: Most practicum work takes place in the Center office space. On the University of Montana campus, the Center is located in the basement of the Todd Building. The Center also has office space in six other locations in Montana; Helena, Billings, Great Falls, Kalispell, Miles City, and an office in Missoula not on campus.  Office settings are typically shared and busy.

Center Practicum Application

The nature of the Center’s projects and dynamic work environment require practicum students to be:

  • Self-motivated
  • Highly organized
  • Independent thinkers and problem solvers
  • Professional in conduct
  • Adaptable
  • Willing to learn new skills

Successful practicum students also have excellent verbal and written communication skills and are familiar with basic computer programs and applications.

To apply for a practicum, please email for information about available positions. The application will include a writing sample and a resume that includes at least one reference from a current faculty member.

You can find more information about the UM School of Social Work practicums through their webpage.