Administration and Center Personnel


Curtis Noonan

Curtis Noonan
Director, CPHR

Tony Ward

Tony Ward
Chair, Public Health
Deputy Director, Administrative Core
Director, Intervention Support Core

Jon Graham

Jon Graham
Director, Data and Modeling Core

Paul Smith

Paul Smith
Medical Director
Administrative Core

Desirae Ware

Desirae Ware
Program and Fiscal Coordinator

Center Personnel

Kathrene Conway

Kathrene Conway
Software Engineer/Applications

Hannah Pasternack
Administrative Support

Rain Freeman
Epidemiology Specialist

Carolyn Hester
Recruitment Specialist

Leonid Kalachev
Statistical and Mathematical Consulting


Anna Kiley
Outreach Coordinator


Cindy Leary


Kimber Haddix McKay
Center Evaluator


Ethan Walker
Postdoctoral Fellow


Allen Warren
Senior Systems/Software Engineer