Center researcher presents on air pollution & cognitive health at the 2021 Alzheimer's Association International Conference

Cindy Leary, CPHR's statistician, presented on air pollution research at the 2021 Alzheimer's Association International Conference. The oral presentation was a part of AAIC's July 26 session, "Epidemiology: Air pollution and its effects on cognitive outcomes."

Leary's oral presentation, "Evaluating the importance of historical address histories in an air pollution and dementia study," was based on research completed in collaboration between UM CPHR and partners at the University of Washington. The learning objectives of the presentation were to 1) communicate the importance of historical residential addresses for reducing air pollution exposure misclassification and 2) recognize the link between long-term air pollution exposures and outcomes of both all cause dementia & vascular dementia.

Author list:
Cindy S Leary, MA(1); Anjum Hajat, PhD, MPH(2); Annette L. Fitzpatrick, PhD(2); Christina Park, MPH(2); Sindana Ilango, PhD, MPH(2); Claire Adam, DPT(1); Joel D. Kaufman, MD, MPH(2); and Erin O. Semmens, PhD, MPH(1)
(1)University of Montana, Missoula, MT, USA
(2)University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA