Ellen Bluett, PhD

FMRWM Faculty                         Bluett-Head-Shot.jpg

Where did you attend college? 

University of Vermont, BS 

Utah State University, MS and PhD 

Within psychology, do you have any specialty areas of practice that you particularly enjoy? 

My fellowship was in integrated behavioral health and health psychology. I am specifically interested in providing evidenced based mental health services to patients in primary care as a means of increasing access and decreasing stigma. Clinically, my specialty areas are posttraumatic stress, obsessive compulsive and related disorders, disordered eating, and geropsychology.  

What do you most enjoy about practicing clinical psychology? 

Overall, I really enjoy the translation between science and practice that I get to experience firsthand every day. I love that I get to teach, engage in research, see patients, and work with the community at large- honestly it’s one of the most versatile degrees out there! As a clinician, there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone heal and create a life worth living.  

What do you enjoy most about teaching? 

Hands down the life-long learning that comes with teaching!  

What brought you to Montana? 

I knew after my fellowship that I wanted to find a position as a Behavioral Scientist in a Family Medicine Residency. I was particularly interested in working in a rural state where I could help with the dissemination of integrated behavioral health. My husband and I are avid outdoor folk and so living in the mountains was a must. In short, Montana checked all the boxes and provided the mountain living and career opportunities we were looking for.  

Why did you choose to be part of the FMRWM? 

The people, the mission of Partnership Health Center, and the overall supportive culture.  

What are some of your interests outside of the clinic or classroom? 

Hiking, trail running, mountain biking, splitboarding, paddle boarding, cooking, traveling, live music, road trips with my family and spending all the time I can with my son.  

What do you love about Western Montana? 

The mountains, rivers, and fresh air.  

What is your favorite: 

  • Book? The Catcher in the Rye  
  • Album? Too difficult to pick one. If you were to come over to my house we’d probably have Phish or the Grateful Dead playing. On a road trip we would be listening to the 90’s on 9,  Lady Gaga, or bluegrass!  
  • Movie? Napolean Dynamite