The FMRWM Mission

Our Mission

The Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana program exists to provide superior, comprehensive education in Family Medicine. We are committed to developing family physicians who are compassionate, clinically competent, and motivated to serve patients and communities in the rural and underserved areas of Montana.

Our Values

We treat each other like family, fostering a culture of unity, support and common purpose. 
We hold ourselves accountable to do the right things for the right reasons, acting honestly and with respect. 
We strive for continual learning and improvement, seeking to nurture the potential of each patient, resident, staff, faculty member and our residency as a whole.
We believe that being creative, adaptable and open to change, especially in how we respond to challenging situations, is essential for our individual and collective success.
We approach our journey open to discovery, embracing the full scope of family medicine and the opportunities that abound in the settings where we work, live and play.
We share a common passion, drive and grit.  We care deeply for each other and our patients.  We intentionally practice kindness and gratitude. 


FMRWM Value Logo: The State of Montana with our 6 values written across its northern border and our two locations written along its southern border. the State split by the image of a mountain range with two trees.