Planning Grant to Develop Online Training Opportunities in “Climate and Health"

Prinicple Investigators: Jennifer Robohm, PhD; Hayley Blackburn, PharmD

Funding Organization: Montana Healthcare Foundation

Funding Amount: $24,984

Duration: 2020-2021

The University of Montana has attained a planning grant to support development of:

  • A remote "Climate and Health" course for undergraduate students participating in the Climate Change Studies program and graduate students in health professions training programs.
  • On-line training opportunities (a certificate program or continuing education opportunities) for health care providers already practicing across the state.

These training opportunities will enhance workforce preparedness with regards to the looming physical and mental health impacts of climate change in Montana, particularly for vulnerable and underserved populations. UM will collaborate with partners around the state to determine the extent of the need for such programming, to identify stakeholders who would benefit from such programming, and to identify content experts for future curriculum development. We will use grant funding to conduct outreach and the needs assessment, to confirm the viability of these ideas, and to identify the content/training methods which will best suit the needs of our intended audiences. We also plan to develop curriculum for a pilot course and collect participant feedback. Finally, we plan to problem-solve technological and other obstacles around content delivery and program sustainability. These grant-supported planning activities will culminate in a business/strategic plan which will serve as the blueprint for program implementation.