Team Training for Transformation

Prinicple Investigator: Rob Stenger, MD, MPH

Funding Organization: HRSA Primary Care Training and Enhancement Program

Funding Amount: $2.5 Million over 5 years

Duration: 2015-2020

This grant project focused on promoting team-based care and health care transformation at FMRWM and several rural partners.  Key activities included supporting multidisciplinary “transformation teams” at rural sites as they developed and implemented two transformation projects over the course of 5 years.  Team members received training in team development and quality improvement through twice yearly in-person meetings.  Residents participated in team trainings and also in the transformation projects during rural rotations.  Participating rural sites included the Community Hospital of Anaconda, Marcus Daily Hospital (Hamilton), St. Luke Hospital (Ronan), St. Joseph Hospital (Polson) and Northwest Community Health Center (Libby).  Transformation teams competed projects in a variety of areas, ranging from improving the treatment of depression to colon cancer screening to pediatric obesity.