Training Family Medicine Residents and Health Care Trainees to Address Substance Misuse in Montana

Prinicple Investigators: Jennifer Robohm, PhD; Ellen Bluett, PhD; Brett Bell, MD

Funding Organization: Montana Healthcare Foundation

Funding Amount: $14,961

Duration: 2019-2020

The FMRWM will train residents and other health care trainees at Partnership Health Center (PHC) to better address substance misuse by their patients by:

  • Introducing them to the SBIRT model.
  • Enhancing the capacity of PHC''s behavioral health staff to collaborate in the care of patients who misuse substances.
  • Providing opportunities for residents to observe and practice SBIRT skills. To accomplish these ends, grant funds will be used to train 3 FMRWM faculty (2 behavioral science, 1 addiction medicine) and PHC's Director of Behavioral Health to provide SBIRT training to FMRWM faculty and residents, PHC's behavioral health team, and other healthcare trainees working at PHC.

Grant funds will be used to:

  • Hire a consultant to train the program leads identified above.
  • Cover the costs of providing faculty development and SBIRT training.
  • Evaluate resident attitudes, knowledge, and skills in providing SBIRT.
  • Pay for curriculum development/adaptation and program/grant management and evaluation.
Because PHC houses the continuity clinic for 24 of FMRWM's 30 residents, it is essential that members of PHC's behavioral health team have more capacity to manage substance use concerns identified by the residents and other health care trainees. This training project will increase the SBIRT knowledge and skills of FMRWM residents and other health care trainees at PHC and enhance the overall capacity of PHC/FMRWM to roll out a full SBIRT program in the future.