ACTivity Classes : Prospective Instructors

Prospective Instructor Information

The Integrative Physiology and athletic Training administers ACTivity Classes as a service to the University of Montana campus. These classes serve to:

  1. Develop and maintain long term health-related fitness.
  2. Develop motor performance skills that facilitate regular and continuous participation in physical activity.
  3. Provide quality instruction in safe, well equipped facilities and to create a positive, enjoyable environment for learning.

In general, classes are 50 minutes long and meet twice a week. Classes do not meet during finals week therefore, the classes run for 15 weeks. Class length and meeting times can be adjusted to accommodate outdoor sports impacted by weather. Thirty hours of class time is required for a 1 credit class.

ACTivity Classes are graded credit/no-credit. The grade is based on meeting minimum participation and attendance requirements. In a 15-week class (meeting twice a week), this would translate to 6 hours. Students missing 7 or more hours receive a grade of NCR.

Instructors are responsible for:

  1. Submitting a class syllabus to the ACTivity Class Director.
  2. Class content and instruction.
  3. Maintaining a safe learning environment.
  4. Keeping accurate attendance records.
  5. Submitting grade sheets and other requested paperwork in a timely fashion.
  6. Teaching all scheduled classes or finding a qualified substitute.