ACTivity Classes : Varsity Sports

Students enrolling in courses taught at UM's Fitness and Recreation Center must present a Griz Card validating that the Campus Recreation Fee has been paid for that semester.

NOTE: For all ACTivity Classes:

  1. There are additional fees with some courses that are noted with that course.
  2. Grading/Attendance policy strictly enforced- classes missed prior to and after late registration count towards total absences allowed.
  3. Auditing of ACTivity Classes is not allowed.

These classes are offered by Intercollegiate Athletics and are designed for sport-specific conditioning. Graded Credit/No Credit. Equipment Needs: Appropriate dress.

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ACTV 189 Varsity Cross-Country

ACTV 189 Varsity Football

ACTV 189 Varsity Volleyball

ACTV 189 Varsity Golf - Women

ACTV 189 Varsity Soccer

ACTV 189 Varsity Basketball - Men

ACTV 189 Varsity Basketball - Women

ACTV 189 Varsity Track & Field

ACTV 189 Varsity Tennis