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The University of Montana Athletic Training - Rising Above

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Skill Videos and Resources

Taping & Wrapping Videos

Hip: Hip Adductor Spica Wrap Hip Flexor Spica Wrap

Knee: Knee compression wrap

Ankle: Achilles Tendon tape 1 Achilles Tendon tape 2 Cutting Elastikon Basic Ankle Tape Heel Lock Tape Continuous Reverse Heel Lock Reverse Heel Lock Tape Figure 8 Tape Spartan Tape Job

Foot: Simple Arch tape X-Arch tape job

Shoulder: Shoulder Spica Wrap

Elbow: Elbow Hyperextension tape job Elbow Compression Wrap

Wrist: Basic Wrist/Hand Tape Job Wrist Tape Job

Thumb: Thumb with C-Strips Tape

Special Tests Nerve Root Pathology- Cervical Compression Test Cervical Compression 2 Compression of Facets, Stenosis- Cervical Distraction Nerve Root Impingement- Spurling Test

Brachial Plexus: Brachial Plexus Traction

Arterial Occlusion: Occlusion of Vertebral Arteries- Vertebral Artery Test Occlusion of Subclavian Artery- Military Brace Test Occlusion of Subclavian Artery- Adson’s Test Occlusion of Radial and/or Ulnar Artery- Digital Allen’s Test Allen’s Test 2, UE

Spinal: Impingement of Dural Lining, Spinal Cord, Nerve Root- Slump Test Pars Interarticularis- Single Leg Stance Intervertebral Disk Pathology- Milgram’s Test

Shoulder: Anterior Apprehension 2/ Relocation Test/ Surprise Test Posterior GH laxity, Post. Labral Lesion- Post. Apprehension Test Superior GH Laxity- Sulcus Sign Biceps Brachii Tendinopathy, Slap Lesion- Speed’s Test SLAP Lesion, AC Joint Pathology- O’brien’s Test O’brien’s Test- Active compression Neer’s Sign 2 Hawkin’s Test 2 Posterolateral Rotary Instability 2 Posteroinferior Instability- Jerk Test 2 Yergason’s Test 2

Elbow: UCL- Valgus Stress Test RCL- Varus Stress Test Moving Valgus Stress 2

Wrist/Hand: UCL- Valgus Stress Test (Thumb) Scapholunate Dissociation- Watson Test Lunotriquetral Ligament- Lunotriquetral Ballotment Test

UE Nerve Involvement: Median Nerve Compression- Phalen’s Test

Hip: Femur Articular Cartilage or Acetabulum Defect- Hip Scouring Nerve Root Impingement- Kernig’s and Brudzinski Sciatic Nerve Irritation/Compression- Straight Leg Raise Sacroiliac Pathology- SI Joint Compression and Distraction

Knee: ACL, Anterolateral Capsule, LCL, Biceps Femoris, Lateral Meniscus- Pivot Shift Pivot Shift 2 ACL-Anterior Drawer ACL- Anterior Drawer ACL- Lachman’s Test PCL- Godfrey’s Test PCL, Posterolateral Corner-Dial Test Dial Test 2 LCL- Varus Test Varus Stress 2 MCL-Valgus Test Valgus Test 2 Knee Joint Effusion within Capsule-Ballotable Patella Laxity Medial Patellar Retinaculum- Apprehension Test IT Band Friction Syndrome- Noble’s Test Noble’s Test 2 IT Band Tightness- Ober’s Test Inflammation of IT Band- Renne’s Test Tightness of Rectus Femoris/Iliopsoas- Thomas Test Iliopsoas Tightness- Thoman-Kendall Test Osteochondritis Dissecans- Wilson’s Test Wilson’s Test 2 Meniscus Tear- Apley’s Test Meniscal Pathology- McMurray’s Test

Lower Leg: Achilles- Thompson Test Stress Fracture-Bump Test Syndesmosis Sprain- Squeeze Test Distal Syndesmosis- Cotton Test Cotton Test 2 Posterior Tibial Nerve Dysfunction- Dorsiflexion-Eversion Test Deep Vein Thrombosis- Homan’s Sign Homan’s Sign 2 Joint Effusion- Sweep Test Sweep Test Sweep Test 2

Ankle: Calcaneofibular ligament- Inversion Talar Tilt Deltoid Lig, Syndesmosis Pathology- Kleiger’s Test Kleiger’s Test 2

Foot/Toes: Navicular Drop Test Mulder Test