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The University of Montana Athletic Training - Rising Above

New Program!

Stay Competitive with a Master's Degree in

from the University of Montana

Program of Study

Option 1: MAT Five-year Program of Study 2021-2022

Option 2: MAT Two-year Program of Study 2021-2022


Athletic Training student gives help to an injured football player on the field at Washington Grizzly Stadium

Master's Requirements

 As a student associated with the Athletic Training Program you must . . .

  • enroll as a full-time student (some exceptions allowed as approved by Program Director).
  • maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher.
  • achieve no more than 2 "C" grades in graduate courses.
  • achieve no less than a "C" grade in graduate courses.
  • achieve satisfactory evaluations in each Clinical Phase before progressing.
  • successfully complete coursework in the sequence indicated by the program of study unless approved by Athletic Training Program Director.
  • abide by the Code of Ethics of the University and those established by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

Students proceed through the program in cohorts and are required to complete all the required courses each semester with a grade of “C“ or better in order to progress to the next semester. Students who fail to meet the retention criteria will be placed on probation in the Athletic Training Program for a maximum of two semesters. This may limit progress of course sequencing and clinical phases. If standards are not met by the end of the probationary period, the student will be dismissed from the Athletic Training Program. Students who are placed on probation may require remediation as deemed appropriate by the Program Director.

Additional Costs Associated with Program

There will be additional costs (above tuition and fees) for the clinical rotations.  Program fee: There is an additional fee of $1,124/semester in addition to regular tuition and fees. This fee will help cover the cost of lab equipment, accreditation costs, adjunct teaching, and software.  Other costs may include, but are not limited to: Criminal Background Check ($55), vaccinations ($50), and NATA Membership Fee ($60 approximately).