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UM AT 20-21


2021-2022 Student Research projects
  • Yeager, S.L., Pederson, T., Murphy, S.P. Comparing the Effectiveness of Different Modalities for Myofascial Pain Relief: A Systematic Review.
  • Ortman, I., Mower, L., Murphy, S.P. Lower Extremity Balance as an Indicator of Upper Extremity Injury in Baseball Players: A Systematic Review.
  • Verlanic, N. & Murphy, S.P. Determining the Efficacy of Manual Therapies for Treatment of Headache and Dizziness: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials.
  • Garifi, K.J., Niemann, K.P. Y-Balance Scores Between Injured and Uninjured Athletes: A Systematic Review of Prospective Cohort Studies.
  • Nielsen, J. & Murphy, S.P. Effects of Concussions on Balance: A Systematic Review.
  • Bittle, K Moody VJ. Concussion Management Practices in Montana Healthcare Professionals
  • Schmidt, K, Moody, VJ, Willert, M. Assessing Sports Health and Safety Policies to Prevent Sudden Death and Catastrophic Injury in Montana Schools.
2020-2021 Student Research projects
  • Wisniewski, Z, Siebenaler, M, Murphy, S. Effective Injury Prevention Programs in Youth Sport: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews.

  • Schmidt, K, Costa, N, Murphy, S. The Effectiveness of Prescribed Physical Activity for the Treatment of Post-Concussive Symptoms in an Athletic Population: A Systematic Review

  • Hansen, T, McCarthy, L, Murphy, S. Common Lower Extremity Injury Sites Among Service Members and Combat Sport Athletes: A Systematic Review.

  • Mower, L, Niemann, K, Moody, V.  Increasing Range of Motion of the Elbow Considering Optimal Patient Positioning during Ultrasound Treatment.

  • Ortman, I, Garifi, K, Moody, V. Exploring the Influence of Patient Position During Mechanical Traction on Lumbar Mobility.

  • Verlanic, N, Nielsen, J, Moody, V.  Comparing Skin Temperature Rewarming Times between Cold Water Immersion and Crushed Ice Packs.

  • Yeager, S, Todd, T, Norton, K, Moody, V. Assessing Effectiveness of Using a Moist Heat Pack Prior to Single Leg Vertical Jump Performance.  

2019-2020 Student Research Projects
  • Force Attenuation of Traditional versus Hockey Style Catchers Masks: A Systematic Review--Zane Davies

  • What it takes: An observation of grit and sensation seeking traits among rodeo athletes--Tessa Gorchesky

  • Blood Flow Restriction Training on Sprinting Performance in Adults: A Systematic Review--Kaitlin Kroll

  • Male High School Athletes Concussion-Reporting Behaviors: A Systematic Review--Hunter Lindsay

  • Identifying Specific Factors Experienced by Athletes that Lead to Developing Mental Health Symptoms: Anxiety and Depression--Alicia Williams

  • Use of Electrotherapy to Facilitate Post- Exercise Muscle Recovery and Perceived Soreness --Madison Siebenaler, Tyler Hansen, Nick Costa

  • Comparing the Effectiveness of Cryotherapy and Compression Modalities on Skin Temperature Cooling--Kayla Schmidt, Luke McCarthy, Zachary Wisniewski, Marlon Pamiwulf

  • Time to Return to Play Post ACLR in Female Soccer Players: A Systematic Review  -----Lucas Bonnevie

  • Acute depressive symptoms post concussion: A Systematic Review --Katie Berglund                            

  • Examining the Best Preventative Methods for Lateral Ankle Sprains: A Systematic Review--Kayla Farrell                           

  • Examining the effectiveness of ACL Injury Prevention Programs in Male Collegiate Soccer Players: A Systematic Review---Yuzo Fujiki

  • Load Effects Functional Movement in Wildland Firefighters--Elise Brady                            

  • Examining Injury Trends in Professional Baseball Players --Madelyne Peterson

  • How does Personality and Job Satisfaction Correlate among Secondary School Certified Athletic Trainers---Brittney Mock

  • Athletic Trainers Knowledge and Comfort with the Female Athlete Triad and RED-s in Division One Sports--Mckayla McNamara




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