UM Box is provided as a campus solution for cloud-based file storage and collaboration and is licensed to all employees at UM at the enterprise level.

COH requires that all appropriate business, academic, research, and clinical data be stored in UM Box. For questions about how to use UM Box or whether your data is appropriate for UM Box, contact our Health IT Helpdesk.

In addition to assigned Box folder to all employees, COH maintains a UM Box service account for all data that is categorized as above for continuity of business, academics, research, or clinical purposes. Simply put, you can use your UM Box account for your personal items, but your work-related items should be stored under the COH UM Box service account. The reason we do this is for data integrity purposes. Data that is important to college or university function should remain with the institution after the departure of any employee, but employee UM Box accounts are automatically turned off after the employee leaves the institution. Storing the data in the COH UM Box service account, with the college as the owner of the data, better ensures data integrity.

For example, both a COH faculty member and a COH staff member in Pharmacy have UM Box accounts. In those Box accounts, they each have a folder of their travel receipts, which is not mission-critical data. The COH UM Box service account holds folder for the Admin Data, the Academic Syllabus Data and the Research Data for Pharmacy. Those folders are owned by COH and are shared to the appropriate faculty and staff members. Diagram example below.

CHPBS Service Box Account
If you aren't yet using the the CHPBS UM Box service account or aren't certain, contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk for assistance.