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Doctor of Pharmacy (1998-2000; 2000-2006; 2006-2012; 2012-2020; 2020-2028)

The entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Montana is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education, 135 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 4100, Chicago, IL 60603-4810, 312/664-3575, 800/533-3606; FAX, 312/664-4652;

Degree Offerings


The curriculum offered by the School of Pharmacy consists of a six-year program leading to the entry-level Pharm.D. degree.  The pre-professional portion of the curriculum is spent in studies of the basic physical and biological sciences and in course work necessary to satisfy the University's general education requirements.


  • Concern for patients and their proper care
  • The encouragement of life-long learning habits for all graduates Improvement of health care and its delivery through discovery and innovation
  • Promulgating professionalism and collegiality at all levels
  • Fostering a culture of integrity, respect, compassion and diversity
  • Facilitation of collaboration with other health care providers and scientific entities
  • Active contributions to the community we live in
  • Optimization of teaching methods

More information on the mission and goals of the School.

The pharmacy program was established in 1907 at Montana State College and was transferred to the University of Montana-Missoula in 1913.


During the first three years, students devote their time to the study of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.  Areas of study include biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, social administrative pharmacy, and therapeutics.  The final professional year of the program is entirely experiential.

Admission to the Pharm.D. program is very competitive and not every qualified student can be admitted.  It is very important for students to have other degree options.  Several degree programs in the Chemistry Department and Division of Biological Sciences (DBS) have course requirements that are the same as many of the pre-pharmacy courses.  Links to the Chemistry Department and DBS programs are given below.  Students are encouraged to speak with advisors in these departments about their degree options.


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