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Center for Translational Medicine

Success Abounds for UM Center for Translational Medicine

The CTM team has grown from 15 people in January 2016, when the group first came to UM, to nearly 50 employees now, including students, staff and faculty. And there are plans for further growth going forward.

1 March 2021

  PharmD and PT students assist with vaccination clinic

UM Pharmacy Students Leading 'Operation: Immunization'

“I never would have thought in 100 years that a global pandemic would hit while I was in school,” Travis Schweer, a third-year PharmD student, said. "It gives new meaning to hands-on training.” PharmD students vaccinated over 800 community members in one day.

8 February 2021

Shot of Relief: UM Vaccine Clinic Draws Crowd

“I’m absolutely happy as hell,” said 73- year-old Brent Greenwell who was one of the last people to receive the Pfizer vaccine at the event where over 400 people were immunized.

31 January 2021

UM Pharmacy Partners with Missoula County on Mobile Vaccination Events

“This is a tremendous undertaking – delivering vaccines to tens of thousands in Missoula County over the coming months – and we’re all working together,” said Kenneth Chatriand, manager of the UM Pharmacy and coordinator of community advanced student pharmacy practice.

27 January 2021

Katelyn Michell

UM Creates COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

“We’ve had very few no shows,” said Katelyn Michell, a fourth-year Pharm. D. student serving as the vaccination check-in coordinator. “This is the first time I’ve seen people actually excited to get a shot.”

10 January 2021

UM Begin Phase 1A of Vaccine Rollout

Rachael Zins, assistant professor of pharmacy, said she never imagined she’d teach in a pandemic or that her students would have the hands-on experience of administering a vaccine in a modern public health crisis.         

8 January 2021


Skaggs School of Pharmacy Students on the Frontline of Preventative Services

“Students usually select the profession of pharmacy because pharmacists make a difference in patients’ lives,” said Marketa Marvanova, Dean of the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Acting Dean of the College of Health.

30 December 2020

  UM Center for Translational Medicine

Success Abounds for UM Center for Translational Medicine

“Drug addiction is an ongoing concern to the state, where roughly half of all deaths from drug overdoses are due to opioids. The development of an adjuvant vaccine for treatment of opioid addiction is key to overcoming a major health issue for the state.”

23 December 2020

  Chris Migliaccio and his team discovered a delayed decrease in lung function among people who lived through unprecedented smoke exposure

“It looks like there is strong evidence of increased susceptibility to respiratory infections after a significant smoke exposure like they had in Seeley,” says UM immunologist Chris Migliaccio.

22 December 2020

UM Named COVID-19 Vaccine Provider, Distributor

This year, UM was named one of the world's  top 10 universities in solving the pandemic – on the same list as Oxford and Harvard, largely due to its vaccine research and ability to respond to the public health crisis.

8 December 2020

UM Researcher Earns Multiple Awards for Ear, Skin Science

University of Montana scientist Monica Serban is on a research roll. In recent months the UM associate professor and her team have earned three awards totaling $3.9 million in funding.

5 October 2020