Pharmacy Practice Faculty/Staff Directory

Annjeanette Belcourt

Professor, Native American Studies Chair


Personal Summary

Dr. Belcourt (Otter Woman) is an American Indian Professor in the College of Health at the University of Montana's School of Public and Community Health Sciences Departments (enrolled tribal member of the Three Affiliated Tribes: affiliation Blackfeet, Chippewa, Mandan & Hidatsa). Raised on the Blackfeet reservation, she is an alumnus of Browning High School and the University of Montana. Her doctorate is in clinical psychology. Research and clinical priorities include mental health disparities, environmenal health, trauma, posttraumatic stress reactions, risk, resiliency, psychiatric disorder, and public health intervention within the cultural context of American Indian communities. Dr. Belcourt has conducted grant-funded collaborative research projects with Native communities at UM and during work at the University of Colorado Denver’s Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health. Publications have appeared in the American Journal of Public Health, Psychological Bulletin, American Psychologist, Educational and Psychological Measurement, and Transcultural Psychiatry.


B.A. University of Montana Psychology 1996

M.A. University of Montana Clinical Psychology 2003

 Denver Veteran’s Affairs 2006 Medical Center Pre-Doctoral Internship

Ph.D University of Montana Clinical Psychology 2006

Teaching Experience

Academic Appointments:


2006–2007                  Researcher, Black Hills State University

2006–2007                  Research Associate, American Indian and Alaska Native Programs, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine University of Colorado Denver

2007–2010                  Instructor, Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Health, University of Colorado Denver

2010-2015                   Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice/Community and Public Health Sciences, College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences, The University of Montana

2015-2020                   Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice/Community and Public Health Sciences, College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences, The University of Montana

2020-Current              Professor, Community and Public Health Sciences, College of Health, The University of Montana 

Research Interests

American Indian and Alaska Native health disparities research. Areas of focus: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; trauma; mental health; environmental health; community-engaged research; intervention and prevention.


Field of Study

Mental Health; Environment; Ethics



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Social justice and sovereignty: Foundations of community-based research

Indigenous sovereignty anthology, Shanley, K. Editor.

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Professional Experience

Hospital or Professional Positions:

1994-1997                   Bilingual Instructional Assistant for Native American Students (K-8), Missoula Public School District

1995-1996                   Student Assault Recovery Service, Curry Health Center, University of Montana

2000-2003                   Graduate Student Therapist, Clinical Psychology Center, University of Montana

2001 -  2002                Therapist, Partnership Health Center, Access to Therapy Program

2003-2005                   Graduate Student Therapist, Curry Health Center Counseling and Psychological Services

2005-2006                   Predoctoral Psychology Intern Denver Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center    


Committee Appointments


2007-2012      Billings Area Indian Health Services Representative, Indian Health Service Behavioral Workgroup, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2007-2010       Site Visitor, Native Aspirations Suicide Prevention Program Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

2010                Missoula Indian Center Board of Directors (Interim Board Member)

2010-               Montana Geriatric Education Center Administrative Board

2010-               Montana Geriatric Education Center Curriculum Committee

2010-2013       Montana Traumatic Brain Injury Center Board of Directors

2010-               Skaggs Scholar Scholarship Committee

2010-2019       YWCA Board member

2011-2019       Racial Justice Taskforce Committee YWCA

2011-2013       Native American Studies Scholarship Committee-The University of Montana

2011-2015       University of Montana School of Community and Public Health Instruction Committee Chair

2013-2019       University of Montana Faculty Senator

2013-2019       University of Montana Athletic Committee

2013-2017       University of Montana Sexual Assault Committee

2013-               Diversity Advisory Committee

2013-2014       National Institute of Health Community Health Influences on Health Behavior Study Section member

2013-2019       National Academy of Science Ford Foundation Fellowship Psychology Panel, Chair

2014-2019       College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences Diversity Workgroup, Chair

2019-               University of Montana Faculty Senator

2021-               University of Montana Executive Committee of Faculty Senate 

International Experience

Has traveled for science scholarship internationally. Presentations primarily as research is with Tribal communities and Nations in the United States.


Dr. Belcourt enjoys reading, writing, music, her family, and spending time in her Indigenous homelands.