The School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science curriculum can be found here.

Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Maintain a balance between life, work, and school with the online transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) degree from the University of Montana.  The program advances currently practicing Physical Therapists to the doctorate level. It was designed with you in mind.  The contemporary online format engages you from virtually anywhere, when you are ready, on your schedule, on your own pace, and on a budget friendly tuition. 
Our innovative, best-in-class curriculum is taught by nationally recognized clinical faculty and is strongly rooted in evidence-based practice.  Plus, as one of UM’s tDPT students, you will be connected to a diverse online community of experienced PT clinical professional peers.  Throughout the comprehensive curriculum you will gain advanced critical thinking, professional knowledge, behavior, and skills to apply of the science and art of physical therapy.  Program graduates are not only entitled to the doctorate designation but will be better prepared to become leaders in physical therapy.
We offer both a Masters to DPT (20 credits) and a Bachelor to DPT (30 credits) that fulfill the doctorate guidelines established by APTA.  Most students complete the program in 1-3 years.  Learn more about the 100% online, budget-friendly program powered by Rehab Essentials at
International Students:
The 100% online program is open to Physical Therapists globally.  You can pursue a clinical doctorate (DPT) from an accredited university in the United States online and on your schedule.  For therapists residing in the Philippines and certain countries in Central/West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, the University of Montana and Rehab Essentials are collaborating with Endorsed Affiliates to provide more localized support.

To learn more, visit the Rehab Essentials website at
For More Information:
For more information about the transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy program, please visit the website of our partner, Rehab Essentials, schedule a virtual meeting at, or call Jonathan Scheeler, tDPT Coordinator at 720-507-8333.

Rehabilitation Administration Certificate

The Rehabilitation Administration Certificate provides an affordable, practical, and career-enhancing plan of study that that prepares health and rehabilitation professionals to become future managers within healthcare provider organizations and consulting firms who are committed to improving the delivery of health services.  The program is delivered in a distance-education format except for the two-day Professionalism seminar. The RAC is a 13-credit, three semester program that can be taken as a standalone certificate or taken in conjunction with the tDPT program.  If taken in conjunction with the tDPT program, the RAC adds only three additional credits (two courses) to the tDPT curriculum; making the tDPT + RAC a viable goal any managerial physical therapist.

Currently, the School of Physical Therapy does not have its own PhD program. However, prospective students interested in an interdisciplinary degree that has as one of the interdisciplinary areas Physical Therapy are encouraged to contact the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs regarding the Individualized Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program (IIP).

Two IIP graduates Audrey Elias and Adriana Degani had a primary mentor from the School of Physical Therapy faculty, and faculty from other disciplines contribute to their PhD training. The IIP is described here, with instructions for application materials; application deadlines for the program to begin with a fall enrollment is April 1st and to begin in the spring the deadline for applying is November 15th.