Do I have to apply to the graduate school in order to apply to the physical therapy program?

No, you do not have to apply to the Graduate School. Applications you must complete are the PTCAS, found at www.ptcas.org.

When are the applications available?

The PTCAS application is available the first week in July each year. The application should be filled out and submitted electronically.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for the PTCAS application is October 15, 2020.

When do classes begin?

Our classes start in the fall of each year, typically during the last week of August. However, new student mandatory orientation occurs the week before classes begin.

Do you have an interview process?

Yes, our interview date is scheduled for January 31, 2021.  Applicants selected for on-campus interviews are notified of the interview invitation typically in early January. The School has a policy to invite the most qualified applicants to interview early for prompt admission consideration into the entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Is there a minimum score required for the GRES?

Our minimum GRE scores are 146 for both Verbal and Quantitative sections and a 3.0 in the Analytical Writing section.

What undergraduate major do you recommend?

We recommend that you major in a course of study that you enjoy.  There is no major that is more favorably looked upon than any other but choosing a major that allows for efficiency in getting pre-requisites finished in a timely manner should be a consideration. Thus, many of our students have majored in biology or health and human performance (kinesiology, exercise science or exercise physiology, athletic training); but we also have recent students who majored in psychology, social work, Spanish, mathematics, engineering, and occupational safety and health.

Do I need to send you copies of my transcripts?

For the application process, all official transcripts go to PTCAS, do not submit them to the program.  Once accepted into the program, you will need to submit official transcripts of all your collegiate work to the program.

I took the GRES last summer but it doesn't show up on my received materials list.

We wait to process application materials, including GRE scores, until we receive the signature page, essential function page and supplemental application fee. 

Do I have to complete all the prerequisite courses prior to applying to your program?

No, the prerequisites and a bachelor’s degree need to be completed prior to entering the program. However, seven of the nine prerequisites, including one chemistry and one physics course, need to be completed at the time of application.

Can I finish the 80 hours of observation after I've submitted my supplemental application?

The 80 hours of observation need to be completed prior to submission of your application.  These hours are for your benefit to ensure you truly want to pursue a career in physical therapy. Accumulating more than 80 hours does not enhance your application – once you have the hours and your decision is made, we recommend you focus on other elements of your application that enhance admission.

Are grades from community colleges evaluated differently than courses from full universities?

Grades from both sources are evaluated on an equal basis.

Is there any benefit to repeating prerequisite courses?

Only if you receive a higher grade.  

Do you take an average for grades of repeated courses?

Both grades are included in your cumulative grade point average.  However, we will take the higher grade for computation of your prerequisite GPA.

How do I ensure my fall grades are included in the evaluation of my application since your deadline is October 15?

You have the ability to go back into PTCAS once you receive your fall grades and add them to the transcript section.  You must also order another transcript specifying that you want it sent to PTCAS as soon as fall grades are posted.  Both your update to your PTCAS application and the new transcript to PTCAS must occur in order for us to include your fall grades in the evaluation of your application.  These submissions should be completed immediately after the completion of your final autumn semester/quarter of classes and no later than the first week of January.

My cumulative GPA is lower in PTCAS than on my transcript?

This reflects the inclusion of all grades in your PTCAS cumulative grade point calculation while your official transcript may include only the best grade for repeated classes.  We utilize the PTCAS cumulative GPA not your transcripts cumulative GPA.