Certificate in Global Health (CGH)

The Certificate of Global Health (CGH) requires the completion of 12 credits and can be accomplished completely online. Non-PUBH course transfer credits may not be applied toward the CGH.

The Certificate in Global Health (CGH) brings together faculty and courses from across the university in an integrated program that prepares students in the health sciences, public health, and the practical social and cultural dimensions of implementing health and wellbeing programs in disadvantaged contexts. Students will explore links with global health challenges and prospects from the perspective of diverse fields of graduate study. The proposed certificate will foster a unique learning environment built around international and interdisciplinary studies.

Required Courses

(Students choose 3)

  • PUBH 580: Rural Health Issues in a Global Context (3 cr) - online course (required)
  • CHTH 514: Health and Culture (3 cr) - hybrid on-campus / online course (required)
  • PUBH 510: Introduction to Epidemiology (3 cr) - online course, or
  • PUBH 520: Fundatmentals of Biostatistics (3 cr) - online course


Electives Courses

(Students choose 1)

  • HHP 544: Community-based Participatory Research Methods for Health (3 cr) - on-campus course
  • ANTY 433: Indigenous Global Health and Healing (3 cr) - on-campus course
  • COMX 415: Intercultural Communication (3 cr) - on-campus course
  • PSCI 463: Development Administration (3 cr) - on-campus course
  • PSCI 431: Politics of Global Migration (3 cr) - on-campus course
  • PUBH 535: Health Policy (3 cr) - online course
  • PUBH 540: Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health (3 cr) - online course
  • PUBH 560: Environmental and Rural Health (3 cr) - online course

Why the CGH?

The CGH is geared towards:

  • those who currently work in a public health setting but may have no formal public health training
  • those who wish to update their public health training
  • those who work in related fields and wish to broaden their knowledge of public health issues and concepts.

The CGH may also be a good way to get started on the MPH degree (although admission into the Certificate in Global Health program does not guarantee admission into the MPH program). The Certificate in Global Health option could be completed in as little as a year.