Certificate in Epidemiology (CE)

The Certificate of Epidemiology (CE) requires the completion of 12 credits. Non-PUBH course transfer credits may not be applied toward the CE.

The 12-credit Certificate in Epidemiology will provide an overview of epidemiology, the basic science of public health. Students will be taught the principles and methods of epidemiologic investigation and an overview of relevant biostatistical applications, including the basis for conducting and interpreting epidemiologic studies.

Required Courses

  • PUBH 510: Introduction to Epidemiology (3 cr)
  • PUBH 511: History and Theory of Epidemiology (3 cr)
  • PUBH 520: Fundamentals of Biostatistics (3 cr)
  • PUBH 591: Research Issues in Social Epidemiology (3 cr) or
  • PUBH 591: Communicable Diseases: Epidemiology and Control (3 cr)

Why the CE?

The CE is geared towards:

  • those who currently work in a public health setting but may have no formal public health training
  • those who wish to update their public health training
  • those who work in related fields and wish to broaden their knowledge of public health issues and concepts.

The CE may also be a good way to get started on the MPH degree (although admission into the Certificate in Epidemiology program does not guarantee admission into the MPH program). The Certificate in Epidemiology option could be completed in as little as a year.

SPCHS has collaborative agreements with The University of Montana Health and Human Performance (HHP) and Physical Therapy (PT) graduate programs and the UM Pharm D program, for students already accepted by these programs to facilitate earning a CE by accepting existing Letters of References submitted to their home programs. Please contact the SPCHS office for more information.