Speech Phonology, and Early Articulation Knowledge - SPEAK Lab


The mission of the SPEAK Lab (Dr. Amy Glaspey, CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator) at University of Montana is to conduct research on improving assessment and treatment of children with speech sound disorders. 

People and Projects

Dr. Amy Glaspey directs the SPEAK Lab. Current projects include the evidence-based development and publication of a dynamic assessment of phonology (Glaspey Dynamic Assessment of Phonlogy).

Examiners needed to help norm the Glaspey Dynamic Assessment of Phonology!

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Research within the SPEAK Lab is focused on how best to provide scaffolding and support to improve articulation, comprehensibility, intelligibility of young children with speech sound disorders. Ultimately, goals of the research include a) development of sound assessment tools, and b) creation of evidence-based intervention programs for children with speech sound disorders.