Laurie A. Walker

Associate Professor (Tenured)



PhD Social Work, 2011

University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW), Denver, Colorado

Master of Social Work (MSW), 2007

University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work, Community and Organizational Leadership, Denver, Colorado

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 1997

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Courses Taught

BSW               Social Work Intervention Methods I [Individuals and Families]

                       Social Work Intervention Methods II [Small Groups and Communities]

                       Social Work Research

                       Social Work in the Global Context

                       Advanced Practice I and II [Seminar Integrating Course Work and Practicum]

                       Social Welfare Policies and Programs

                       Independent Study

MSW              Advanced Research and Program Evaluation

                       Foundation Integrative Seminar I 

                       Theory and Practice of Groups and Communities 

                       Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Diversity

                       Professional Portfolio

                       Independent Study

Law                Montana Justice Initiative: Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar on Montana Criminal Justice and Reform

Teaching Experience

Associate Professor (Tenured), School of Social Work, Univerity of Montana - Missoula

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Univerity of Montana - Missoula

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Univerity of Montana - Missoula

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Arizona State Univerity - Tucson

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver

Research Interests

Community-Based Research

Community Organizing

Community Readiness

Discipline and Arrests in Public Schools

Incarceration of Native American Women

Neighborhoods with Concentrated Poverty

Public/Affordable Housing Reform

Social Cohesion and Collective Efficacy


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2019-2020         Executive Board Member, Association for Community Organization and Social Action

2015-2019         Board Member, Association for Community Organization and Social Action

2008-Current     Association for Community Organization and Social Action

Specialized Skills

2016-2019     Diversity Advisory Council, Faculty Co-Chair (University Level Committee)

2017-2019     DiverseU, Faculty Co-Chair (University Level Committee)

2016-2019     Service Learning Advisory Board (Provost Appointed, University Level Committee)

Professional Experience

2010-2011       Community Organizing Supervisor, Northeast Denver Housing Center (NDHC), Denver, Colorado

2007-2011       Community Organizer – Sun Valley Coalition, Metro Organizations for People (MOP), Denver, Colorado

2003-2005       Case Manager and On-Call Support , Turning Point Center for Family and Youth Development, Fort Collins, Colorado

1998-1999       Milieu Staff, Youth SAFE, Fort Collins, Colorado

Honors / Awards

2020-2021 Faculty Research Grant, Humanities Institute of the College of Humanities and Sciences at the University of Montana, $1,500

2019         Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award, Office of the President, University of Montana

2019         Mini-Sabbatical, Faculty Professional Enhancement Program, University of Montana, Focus on Investigative Journalism and the Use of Video and Infographics to Disseminate Reports, $1,000

2018         Montana Justice Initiative, Indigenous Feminisms Symposium: Bad Indians, Stolen Children, and Journeys Home, Speaker Grant, Missoula, Montana, $5,500

2017-2019       Co-Principle Investigator, National Science Foundation – Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP), Washington,    D.C., $1,780,721

2017                Montana Justice Initiative, Grant, Missoula, Montana, $5,000

2016-2017       University Grant Program, Small Grant, Missoula, Montana, $5,000

2017                Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty, Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University and the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, National Organization

2017                Student Wellness Advocate (Recognized by Students), Curry Health Center 

2016                Nominated: Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Montana

2014                Emerging Scholar Award, Association for Community Organization and Social Administration, National Organization

2013-2014       Annie E. Casey Foundation, Making Connections Scholars Program, Baltimore, MD

2013                Nominated: Centennial Professor (Students’ Teaching Award), ASU, Tempe, AZ

2010-2012       Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant, Housing & Urban Development, Wash., D.C.

2008-2009       Early Doctoral Student Research Grant, Housing & Urban Development, Wash., D.C.

2008-2011       Golden Key International Honour Society, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

2007-2008       Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

2006-2011        Phi Alpha Honor Society, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado