Cost of Attendance

All required core curriculum courses are online, but do include short campus visits a few times during the year. The on-campus meetings will allow students to network, practice skills as a group, and learn from others in the program. Some instructors and advisors also make visits to Partnering College campuses throughout the academic year.

Students will attend the University of Montana as Distance Only. Please consider this when reviewing the cost of attendance. The Business Services link below has the base price for tuition and fees; there are some additional fees for 2+2 Students, including a 2+2 fee and a Practicum fee in the second year of attendance. 

Students with satisfactory academic progress who are attending the University of Montana and another university may apply for a Consortium Agreement after completion of one semester at the University of Montana.  Please review the Consortium Agreement Process and submit the Consortium Agreement Application, available here.

Annual Tuition and Fees

For information for costs of attendance at the University of Montana, visit the Business Services web site.

For social work specific scholarships, click here.

For the UM Scholarship Portal, click here.

For financial aid information, click here or call 406.243.5373