BSW Program Overview

The BSW program is premised on a generalist model. This means students who receive a BSW from the University of Montana have the ability to view social problems and human development from broad ecological, strengths-based, and diversity perspectives.

This necessitates that a generalist possess the ability to synthesize knowledge from a variety of fields to intervene at multiple levels applying a broad array of theoretical and practice knowledge. 

To that end, the BSW program is embedded within a liberal arts education. Students must fulfill general education requirements held by the University of Montana. We also ask our students to complete a number of extra-departmental requirements including courses in biology, psychology, economics, American government, and race and oppression prior to taking upper division courses (300-level and above). Students also complete upper division electives in the disciplines of their choice to support their social work knowledge and interests. This enables our students to bring to their social work careers a rich knowledge base from a wide array of academic traditions.