Welcome to the Human and Family Development Minor

The minor is designed to supplement the knowledge base of students by providing a human and family development specialty orientation to their fields of major interest. Students with career goals that include communications, psychology, education, social work, sociology, anthropology, pre-medical sciences, nursing, and physical therapy will benefit from the specialty orientation in human and family development.

To earn a Human and Family Development (HFD) minor, students must complete 24 credits, with 11 of those credits at the 300 level or above. All students are required to take a 12-credit core curriculum (including a 2 credit service learning placement) and, with the help of a faculty advisor, to develop a written statement of goals and interests along with a planned curriculum that includes 12 additional credits of electives consistent with the stated goals and interests (HFD Minor Plan of Study). The 12 credits of electives must be a planned curriculum consistent with the student’s stated goals and interests. At least 6 credits of electives must be outside of the student's major.