New Directions Wellness Center

Getting Started

Call 243-4016 or email for more information and to set up an appointment for a free consult to determine if you qualify and would benefit from our services.

Prescription or Referral

We need a release from your doctor for participation. Depending on your insurance, you may need bring a prescription for a Physical Therapy evaluation to your first appointment. During the free consult an appointment for an evaluation by a physical therapist will be made, if appropriate.

Intake Consult (There is No Charge for This)

During the intake you will tell the interviewer about your goals for health promotion and any presenting health problems. The interviewer will have you sign a release of information. We will then fax a release to exercise to your doctor. The release to exercise is our way of making sure your doctor is in agreement that exercise would be a beneficial treatment for your condition. At the end of the interview we will discuss your monthly gym fee based on your income and expenses. An appointment for a Physical Therapy evaluation will be scheduled if needed.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

After the evaluation, the Physical Therapist will set up an individualized exercise plan based on your goals. The Physical Therapist may choose to continue to see you on an intermittent basis to reassess and modify your exercise program as appropriate.

Time to Exercise

Unless you and the Physical Therapist determine a need for further physical therapy, you are now free to workout in the gym as often as you feel comfortable. There is always a staff member available in the gym for questions or assistance at no additional charge.

New Patient Paperwork for Your Physical Therapy Evaluation