How to Refer

If you have a client who suffers from a physical limitation, disability, or chronic condition and feel they would be appropriate for our program, please call to schedule a free intake.

The intake consists of a description of our program, a self report health history from the client, and signing of releases of information.  This is also where their monthly gym fee is determined as per our sliding scale.

New Directions will fax the client's physician a release to exercise if one is not brought in by the patient.  They have the option to sign off on one of three options.

  • you feel exercise is appropriate for this client
  • this client may exercise, but use caution because of
  • you do not feel it is appropriate for this individual

The client will need a script for a Physical Therapy evaluation and/or treatment for most insurance coverage.

During the evaluation, our Physical Therapist will assess the client and set them up with an individualized workout regimen, when appropriate.  Other physical therapy services are available for qualified individuals.

If our Physical Therapist determines there is a PT need and you agree, the client may receive Physical Therapy before beginning any exercise in the gym.  Otherwise, the client is now free to come in and utilize our supervised facility as many or few times per week that they feel comfortable with.  If their physical or cognitive ability level does not allow them to exercise independently our staff will assist as needed.  Family members and caregivers are encouraged to assist gym clients once training is complete.

Our gym is located at the University of Montana in the Skaggs Building's room 113.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Contact Us

Phone: 243.4016