PT Equipment

        RTI Bike            Force Plate
        RTI Bike                                                   Force Plate
        Motomed            Total Gym
        Motomed                                                   Total Gym
         Bioness H200           Life Fitness Cable Crossover System
         Bioness H200                                            Life Fitness Crossover System
         Uppertone           Cybex Leg Press        
         Uppertone                                                Cybex Leg Press
         Life Fitness Hamstring Curl           L300 Plus Bioness System
         Life Fitness Hamstring Curl                          L300 Plus Bioness System
         Cybex Row Rear Delt           Treadmill with assistance
         Cybex Row Rear Delt                      Treadmill with Pneuweight body weight support system
          Cybex Stationary Bike          Biodex Upper Body Cycle
          Cybex Stationary Bike                                Upper Body Cycle