The School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science offers a 33-month entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.  This degree program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).  The UM Physical Therapy Clinic houses UMPT Sports and Orthopedics, UMPT Neurological and Mobility Impairments, and the New Directions Wellness Center, which provides fitness and wellness services for people with physical limitations or disabilities and are integral to the mission of the School.  Ongoing research efforts within the School include initiatives in the Applied Exercise Physiology, Movement Science, Motor Control and Montana PACE (Peripheral Artery and Cardiac Exercise) laboratories.

University of Montana School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science seeks to prepare entry level physical therapists to practice as effective members of health care teams that serve people across the lifespan and around the globe. The Program’s mission is embedded in a curriculum designed to promote life-long learning, professional and ethical behaviors, and cultural competency which results in effective patient care that is outcome and evidence based, humane and compassionate, and attends to the knowledge, skill and emotional needs of the public we serve. Thus our graduates are prepared to assume the entry-level roles patient care, administration, supervision, instruction, and consultation, all of which contribute to the preservation and advancement of Montana’s economy and society. The academic and clinical faculty of the Program further this mission through service and leadership to the physical therapy profession at the university, local state, national, and international levels. The Program’s mission also seeks to enhance the clinical and scientific base of physical therapy and medical knowledge through creative and scholarly activities, which is congruent with the University’s mission to have programs that promote faculty, staff, and student engagement in basic and applied research. The School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science considers education of physical therapists, research to improve the delivery of physical therapy, and service to the community to be the cornerstones of its mission. This mission is well aligned with the missions of the Montana University System, the University of Montana and the College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences within which it resides.