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REACH Research Component

Authentic student research is an integral component of the REACH program. Science is a systematic, problem solving process that answers questions about the natural world.  For students to truly understand the processes of science, they need to do actual science.

The REACH program provides air quality equipment and scientific research expertise that enables students to:

  • Investigate an air quality issue impacting their surroundings.
  • Gather background information on their research question.
  • Design an experiment to test their hypothesis.
  • Analyze their experimental data to determine the validity of their hypothesis.
  • Present their findings in a formal, science symposium setting.
Conducting an actual scientific investigation helps students to develop persistence, problem solving skills, collaborative skills, and communication skills.  These skills are all integral parts of a 21st century education
tony with students
luke with pig lung and student

Science Communication - Dissemination of Findings

The REACH program supports a variety of activities where students can present their research project findings, including

  1. Classroom/school presentations
  2. Community events
  3. The annual REACH Symposium at the University of Montana
  4. The state science fairs

Below you will find student presentation recommendations, presentation and poster examples that students have used in previous years, rubrics used for judging, previous symposium videos, and symposium photos.

 Student Presentation Recommendations


Previous Symposium Videos