Research Support

Data and Modeling Core

The overall objective of the Data and Modeling (DM) Core is to provide CPHR researchers with the data acquisition and management, biostatistics and modeling, and high performance computing (HPC) support they need to successfully conduct population health research in rural communities. The DM Core will provide data acquisition, mathematical and statistical consulting, and computational support for the Center investigators and research projects focused on children’s health risks and outcomes in rural communities throughout Montana and surrounding areas. Whereas there are many examples of modeling and biostatistical analysis approaches for health outcomes based on sociodemographic, environmental, and individual health information in more urban areas, rural communities present unique challenges from a data analytics perspective. In particular, rural communities are more insular, more sparsely populated, have more limited environmental monitoring, and often have less access to health-related resources. Such factors will require innovative and high performance computing (HPC) modeling approaches when estimating disease transmission rates, spatio-temporal effects of climate, air quality, and population demographics on health outcomes.

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Jonathan Graham, Core Director

Intervention Support Core

Center for Population Health Research (CPHR) investigators are engaged in epidemiological and modeling research to better understand patterns and rural factors associated with children’s health risk. In a complementary fashion, developing solutions for these rural health risks will require a richer understanding of potential intervention pathways and strategies. Child health focused interventions that function in rural settings will be a key feature of the research trajectory of CPHR investigators, but such endeavors will require a mixed methods approach that extends beyond evaluation of existing data. To meet these needs, the IS Core has been designed with the overall objective of providing CPHR researchers with support to inform thoughtful and testable intervention strategies. Intervention support includes design and administration of primary quantitative and qualitative data as well health economic analysis of proposed intervention strategies. In this way the IS Core provides key transitional support as Center investigators pursue extramural funding for intervention testing and implementation research. Through the Stakeholder Advisory Board, the IS Core will also facilitate CPHR researcher engagement with key community leaders in improving population health.

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Tony Ward, Core Director