Lab Resources


microscopecombined2.jpgOur microscopy equipment includes a Leica Stellaris 5 confocal imaging platform equipped with a DMI8 microscope; a Phenom G6 ProX SEM with EDS, SED, and LUXOR gold sputter coater; a DMI3000B transmitted light microscope with CTR6000 motorized stage, DFC450C camera, and EL6000 fluorescent light source; and a Fisher Scientific stereomicroscope.

Cell and Tissue Culture

cellcultureequipment.jpgOur tissue and cell culture equipment includes a SterilGARD III Advance SG603 Baker laminar flow hood, several Fisherbrand Isotemp incubators, table top centrifuges, dedicated refrigerators and freezers, a Thermo Locator 8 cryogenic storage vessel, and an Invitrogen Countess 3 automated cell counter.



Our chemical analysis capabilities include an Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC/GPC with UV/Vis detector, paired with Wyatt miniDAWN MALS and Optilab dRI detectors.

Material Processing

The material processing equipment includes a Spectrum Labs KrosFlo tangential flow filtration system, several ovens for film processing (Binder, Thermo Lab-line vacuum oven), a VirTis BenchTop Pro lyophilizer (for foams, sponges) and an Excella E24R shaker/incubator.

Material Characterization


The viscoelastic and mechanical characterization equipment includes a DV II + Pro Brookfield viscometer, a TA Instruments DHR-2 Discovery Hybrid Rheometer/Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer, and a Mettler Toledo MJ33 moisture analyzer.

3D Printing


Our 3D printing capabilities include a Form 3 SLA 3D printer which we can use to design custom template molds for microneedle and biomaterial casting.



Our spectroscopy instruments include an Agilent Cary Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and a Molecular Devices FilterMax F5 Microplate Reader.

Other Equipment

Our lab also contains a diverse series of other equipment including several high precision scales, pH and conductivity meters, Sorval X4R-Pro and Legend XFR refrigerated centrifuges, gel electrophoresis capabilities, Ultra-low temperature freezers, fridges, and freezers.

Core Facility Resources

In addition to the equipment in our lab, we have access to fantastic core facilities allowing us to perform NMR, histology (automated tissue processors/stainers, cryostats, microtomes), additional microscopy (LSC, Confocal, etc) and more.