The Center works to improve the mental, physical and emotional health of Montanans through our three priority areas of training, research, and policy.

Traininwoman documentingg & Resources

Explore our large selection of eLearning courses, training videos, resource toolkits, and much more. There is something for everyone — from seasoned professionals to new parents — in this large collection of resources.

woman working with teenResearch & Evaluation

Discover our current areas of research, and explore reports and findings; Access our data dashboard for current research-based data on Montana children and families.

Policy into Awoman on laptop rubbing baby's backction

Find information on policy into action – the dynamic process of decision-making in organizations of all kinds – and how it affects families and children in Montana. The Center works in the spaces where governmental decisions, organizational operations, local actions, and grassroots efforts overlap. Search for information on the Family First Act, grants, family engagement in programs and policies, and resources for effective policymaking in Montana.

Siblings playing holding handsCurrent Projects

Learn how the Center works in partnership with myriad organizations to pioneer and offer support to innovative and promising projects.


The purpose of this webpage is to provide information and resources, not advice, to assist users 
in understanding how to treat, educate, and care for children, youth, and families.