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Strengthening Montana's families and the systems that serve them 

The Center for Children, Families & Workforce Development ("Center") is located at the University of Montana, within the School of Social Work. The Center serves as a training and research hub — conducting and translating research into training resources, encouraging evidence-based policy-making, and working to strengthen Montana families and the systems that serve them. 

The Center strives to make our website a dynamic resource for professionals, educators, and families statewide. If you have ideas, comments or suggestions as to how we could improve this site, please contact us.

Advancing evidence-based practices
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Improving inter-professional
collaboration & public policy

Educating and training professionals and caregivers

"Reporting Child Abuse in Montana," a short 
video from DPHHS on mandatory reporting

Featured Podcast


When federal level policy decisions are not made using the evidence-based research collected at state and local levels the impact can have a wide range of effects on public sectors, including housing, health, and education.

In this podcast, Dennis Culhane, Professor at University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, Co-Principal Investigator for the Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, and Director of Research for the National Center for Homelessness among Veterans, joins Dan Loney on Knowledge@Wharton radio to discuss the importance of data-centric decision-making.



The purpose of this webpage is to provide information and resources, not advice, to assist users 
in understanding how to treat, educate, and care for children, youth, and families.