Strengthening Montana's families and the
systems that serve them 

The Center for Children, Families, and Workforce Development ("Center") is located at the University of Montana and within the School of Social Work.  The Center serves as a training and research hub whose purpose is to conduct and translate research into training workshops and modules that provide practical, "how to" knowledge and tips on how to effectively: communicate with youth, prevent and respond to difficult behaviors and negative emotions, and navigate the systems of care designed to treat difficulties that children and youth commonly encounter. The Center also conducts research that specifically focuses on solving problems and improving the systems of care that impact Montana's children and families. 

The Center welcomes your suggestions for improving the website to help ensure that it serves as a resource for professionals and families statewide.  Please contact us at CCFWD@umontana.edu with any comments or suggestions.

Advancing evidence based practices
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Improving inter-professional
collaboration & public policy

Educating and training professionals and caregivers!

"Reporting Child Abuse in Montana" a short video from DPHHS on mandatory reporting.

Featured Podcast

There is a concern in this country that some federal level policy decisions does not use the evidence that is collected by people at the state and local level. The impact of these moves can have a wide range of effects on different sectors, including housing, health, and education. In light of this, the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative held a conference to try and reinforce the importance of data-centric decision making. Dennis Culhane is a Professor at Penn's School of Social Policy and Practice, Co-Principal Investigator for the Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, and Director of Research for the National Center for Homelessness among Veterans. He joins Dan Loney on Knowledge@Wharton radio to discuss.


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The purpose of this webpage is to provide only information and resources, not advice, to assist users in understanding how to treat, educate, and care for children youth, and families.